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A Pint Of Inspiration

A Pint of Inspiration


As spring melts winter’s snow, Coloradans like to turn that spring water to beer. Many Coloradans finish their days of world-class hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, climbing, and adventuring with a pint or two of beer.

To quench their thirst, craft breweries all around the state have emerged, putting their best and most creative drafts forward in bars, restaurants, and their own breweries.  Colorado is home to the 5th most craft breweries per capita and the Colorado craft industry boasts the greatest economic impact per capita of any state.

Ever thirsty for competition and a chance to prove their beer is best, these brewers put their taps to the test at any of the dozens of beer festivals around the state.

Creative ideas emerging from craft beer festivals and competitions can inspire ANY industry

If you’re looking for inspiration for new products, creative product names, or ideas for how to energize your category, look no further than Colorado’s beer festivals. From April to October, Colorado’s craft brewers share their brews and pair with unique partners to create tasting experiences across the state.

These breweries are bubbling over with collaborative, creative, and active energy that every industry can learn from:

  • Take a page from the book of these breweries coming up with creative names for their recent brews like:
    • Mexican Logger (a play on words for this Mexican-style lager) from Ska Brewing in Durango
    • Face Down Brown Ale (with the slogan ‘don’t be afraid to get down with the best brown around) from Telluride Brewing Company
    • Modus Hoperandi (highlighting their own style/approach to hops) from Ska Brewing in Durango
    • Hazed & Infused Dry-Hopped Ale (a play on the phrase ‘dazed and confused’) from Boulder Beer Company

  • Discover how you can create a new product by merging two categories, like Ceria Brewing, who sells a Belgian-style white ale containing THC and has announced plans to launch 2 more THC infused beers in 2019
  • See how craft beer has revitalized an industry with interesting beer flavors, new approaches, one-upping each other, and tapping into local culture/desires. In fact, the Brewer’s Association released that despite declining U.S. beer volume sales in 2018, craft brewer sales continued to grow

Come take advantage of seeing this creative and competitive energy in-person at one of the many beer festivals in Colorado that have already been scheduled for 2019, including:

May 11: 4th Annual Bacon and Beer Classic (Denver)

May 24 – May 26: Beaver Creek Craft Beer Festival: Blues, Brews, & BBQ (Beaver Creek)

May 26: 18th Annual Festival of the Brewpubs (Keystone)

June 28 – June 29: 30th Annual Colorado Brewers Festival (Fort Collins)

July 13: 23rd Annual Brewers Rendezvous (Salida)

July 19: 719 Day Brewfest (Colorado Springs)

July 20: 13th Annual Springs Beer Fest (Colorado Springs)

August 3 – August 4: 23rd Annual Bluegrass & Beer Festival (Keystone)

August 17: Steers & Beers Whiskey and Beer Festival (Colorado Springs)

August 24: 6th Annual Boulder Craft Beer Festival (Boulder)

September 28: 5th Annual Heritage Brew Festival (Manitou Springs)

October 3 – October 5: Great American Beer Fest (Denver)

How else can you take advantage of Colorado’s love of beer?

  1. Consider Colorado Springs as your next site for research – especially if you want to talk to craft beer or spirit consumers
  2. Consider ethnographic research – with local craft consumers touring our city and the local breweries that surround it
  3. Stay an extra day to be inspired by the tours these breweries have to offer and the creative new beers they are brewing
  4. Bring a little of the collaborative, creative, and active energy that Colorado Springs emanates back to your team

Elevated Insights is happy to help with as little or as much of your research as you’d like – we offer full-service insights consulting, local respondent recruiting, and a cutting-edge research facility with 30 craft breweries located within 20 miles. Give us a call – we’d love to work with you!

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