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Insights into a Booming Community

Our annual syndicated study on the Greater Colorado Springs Area.

Understand the local market and improve your sales, products and services.

In 2017, Elevated Insights (EI) conducted the inaugural year of AskCOS® – an annual, syndicated, tracking study for the greater Colorado Springs area. This yearly report and dataset provide local businesses, nonprofits and government robust market research at a very affordable cost.

“The AskCOS report gave me concrete data and resources that I can use to help make marketing decisions for my clients.  It’s so valuable to have market-specific data to help support my efforts.”

Karole Campbell
Owner – Madwoman Marketing Strategies

Over 1,000 local residents surveyed
A multitude of sentiment and opinion-based metrics unavailable through traditional sources
Responses thoroughly cleaned and weighted to mirror county census proportions
Full dataset available with detailed findings by a variety of subgroups
While AskCOS® topics change annually, prior recurring topics included:

Attitudes about non-profits

Traditional and social media usage

Religious beliefs

Political views

Satisfaction with Greater COS Area

Quality of life indicators

Please contact us to request an excerpt of our most recent AskCOS® report.

Custom Questions:
Want to ask local customers or residents about something else? Maybe something unique to your organization’s challenges or goals? We’ve got you covered.

By adding AskCOS® Custom Questions you can ask the local community 1-10 questions about anything you want at a low cost. And only you will see the results.

Use the data to inform decisions:
  • Gain valuable information on the local market at a low out-of-pocket cost
  • Discover unmet needs and gaps in COS products and services
  • Better understand the makeup of your target market – demographically, geographically and psychographically
  • Uncover which marketing channels would best reach your target consumers
  • Link messaging with local attitudes and behaviors
  • Inform site selection and media tactics
  • Build competitive intelligence

“The information contained in AskCOS is spectacular!  It’s wonderful to finally have data pertaining specifically to our community and alleviates the need to haphazardly attempt to extrapolate correlations to regional data.  Thank you Elevated Insights – I look forward to seeing more!”

Trevin Wecks

VP/GM – Lamar Advertising

Custom Questions

With AskCOS® Custom Questions, you can receive proprietary quantitative feedback to your organization’s research questions in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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