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The Omnibus add-on to AskCOS®
Our Shared Community Survey

As a small business ourselves, we understand budgetary restraints – finding the money to pay for custom research studies can be difficult. However, we also know how important market research is in making effective business decisions. So, we created a low-cost solution for local companies: AskCOS® Custom Questions – the Omnibus add-on to AskCOS®.

Businesses, non-profits, government entities and startups all have the opportunity to purchase 1-10 questions that will be asked to the same demographically balanced Colorado Springs area consumers who respond to AskCOS®. And purchased questions are completely proprietary – no one else will see the results of this data. For each question asked, EI will provide a visual PowerPoint slide with interpretation and an Excel sheet that shows crosstabulations by subgroup.

Never heard of AskCOS®?

Click here for information on our regular AskCOS® Annual Report

Need some thought starters?

Here are just a few examples of what you could learn through AskCOS® Custom Questions.

  • Discover the demographic, geographic and psychographic makeup of your consumers.
  • Test local awareness and desires for specific brands, products or services.
  • Explore resident interest in a potential product, service or location before investment.
  • Test how residents feel about a potential ballot issue (among likely voters).
  • Uncover which marketing channels would best reach your target consumers.

We will be fielding this year’s AskCOS in September 2022.
If you are interested in purchasing custom questions,
please email debbie@elevatedinsights

The cost to participate is $1,000 plus $500 per question for basic question formats.

Please reach out to [email protected] for any questions or inquiries!

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