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Elevated Insights Continues To Grow

Elevated Insights Continues to Grow

We are so excited to announce new additions to our Elevated Insights family! While we are sharing the news today, our team has been growing by leaps and bounds for several months.

Allena Nimetz; Director of Marketing

Immersed in brand strategy for close to 20 years, Allena’s passion drives innovative thinking and demonstrable results. With a proven record of success in campaigns covering healthcare, utilities, casual dining, automotive and travel/tourism verticals; success metrics ran the gambit from awareness, loyalty retention, direct response, brand engagement and CTA objectives.

Over her career, Allena has worked at agencies in Denver, Colorado Springs, Los Angeles, Newport Beach and San Diego. In addition to her work experience, she has achieved a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s of Science in Advertising and was named 2016 AAF Colorado Springs’ “Media Strategist of the Year.” She is known for pushing the envelope for strategic brand development across digital and traditional realms, staying cognizant of the client’s bottom dollar and being a strong project manager.

Outside of the office Allena enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, riding her horse, dancing or running. In her spare time at work, you can find her pulling pranks on her coworkers, clients, vendors and sometimes just random people she met throughout the day. If you are missing anything, something seems out of place or your mouse doesn’t work, blame Allena … we do!

Jeff Humeny; Director of Recruiting

Jeff Humeny is originally from Tucson, AZ but has spent much of his life living here in Colorado Springs. As our new Director of Recruiting, Jeff is excited to build the recruitment division of Elevated Insights while expanding opportunities with both local and national partnerships.

Most recently Operations Manager for Comcast, Jeff’s previous experience comes in the form of leadership and team development. In his 5 years with Comcast, he enjoyed cultivating drive and ambition across multiple teams. Finding a passion in encouraging growth both professionally and personally, Jeff believes the journey – not necessarily the destination – is the key to success.

Jeff is a single father of two beautiful boys (Jaden, 13 and Jaxson, 3). In his spare time he enjoys playing sports with his children, exploring the outdoors, and adding to his collection of tattoos. He’s tough but fair and he holds an AAS in Paralegal; we look to him to keep us out of any serious trouble. Not really – he’s usually the ring leader – but at least we know who to rely on when things start to get really nutty around here!

Jessie Rosenberger; Research Manager and Analyst

Jessie comes to us from Toronto, ON., Canada with more than 7 years’ experience as a market research professional with a primary focus in online data collection, questionnaire design, and analysis. She is experienced leading projects from inception to delivery within several different categories including finance, automotive, education, entertainment, and customer satisfaction.

Most recently a Senior Project Manager with yconic – a youth-focused company helping students through scholarship matching and paid research opportunities – Jessie assumed several roles and responsibilities entailing leadership of research initiatives and research operations. Prior to yconic, Jessie worked for RA Malatest, an evaluation and market research firm helping clients improve programs and services offered by the Province.

In addition to her work experience, Jessie holds a certified market research professional designation, a Graduate Certificate in Research Analysis, and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology. Jessie believes life is about the choices you make, the chances you take, and the changes you embrace. In her spare time, she enjoys scuba diving, traveling, gardening, and spending time outdoors – which is exactly what brought her to Colorado. She is learning how to handle our sunny state, and is currently enrolled in a focus group of one to determine which sunscreen most successfully prevents her from burning to a crisp … or at least helps her maintain a lovely shade of pink.

Are you ready to conduct market research in Colorado Springs? 

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Elevated Insights is a full-service insights agency based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a trusted business partner to our clients, we offer custom qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid research solutions, national respondent recruiting, and a stunning research facility. 


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Allena Nimetz

Director of Marketing
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Elevated_MRX

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