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Insights & Design

Facility design impacts the quality of insights

As qualitative moderators, we have seen our fair share of research facilities across the nation and around the world – some that are traditional spaces with plain corporate decor, and other atypical spaces that are colorful and creative.

In 2015, Elevated Insights was expanding as a company and searching for office space in Colorado Springs. Because there were no other research facilities in the southern Colorado area, we decided to incorporate one within our new location.

We knew we didn’t want our space to feel like a typical facility, but rather an environment that sparks creativity, promotes productivity, and brings joy to anyone who visits.

We were thoughtful about the details of our facility: hiding microphones and cameras in the rooms to provide a more natural setting for participants; adding natural lighting, plants, and rustic finishes to give the facility a coziness that makes participants more comfortable; using bright accent colors to lift everyone’s spirits. We even selected the furniture in our rooms with intention – choosing chairs that are comfortable but don’t spin or have wheels, to ensure participants are not moving around during the group (which can be distracting for a moderator, and tricky for a videographer trying to capture close-ups).

We also looked outside to our beautiful Colorado landscape for inspiration – resulting in our barn-wood covered walls, industrial fixtures, and rooms named after Colorado Springs landmarks and experiences. For example, one of our smaller group rooms is named ‘Incline’ after the popular (and exhausting!) hiking trail in Manitou Springs that scales the side of Pikes Peak. Our larger front room is named ‘Summit,’ in honor of Colorado’s many 14ers, but also in hopes of encouraging research teams to push for the richest insights possible.

The Elevated Insights facility is designed, built, and equipped for moderators, by moderators. We are proud of our space, and strongly believe our rooms are a more pleasant and inspiring place for participants, moderators and clients alike.

We invite you to come see our facility for yourself! We would love to host your next project, and show you how much the physical space can positively impact your insights!

For more information about our facility and its availability please contact Cailee Schade at [email protected], or give us a call at 719.590.9999.

Cailee Schade

Director of Qualitative Research
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Elevated_MRX

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