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Elevated Insights is looking for YOU to participate and get paid for market research studies!

*** Important ***

Elevated Insights will NEVER ask you for personal information such as credit card, social security or banking information. If you are being asked to provide this kind of data by anyone saying they are with EI, please report them to the FTC (FTC complaint form and hotline: 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357.) You should never share personal information with anyone you are not 100% familiar with.

Companies all around the world need people like you to help them improve products and services and meet new needs. This is your chance to have your voice be heard and be the difference in your world to make products, apps, services, food/drinks, and your city fit your needs.

Oh, and did we mention you’ll get PAID for most of the studies you participate in? Most participants earn 50, 100, or 150 dollars with minimal time commitment for in-person research – this beats donating plasma for some extra cash.

How does it work?

Become a member by filling out this form.

Hint: The more you fill out, the more likely you are to be selected for a study! Why? Imagine if we’re doing a study of Millennials who drive off-road vehicles. We’ll first pull everybody in our system that matches the criteria. If we have enough participants from our initial pull, we won’t send an email asking other members what they drive. So even if you do meet the criteria but we don’t have the information on hand, you may not get paid to share your opinions on vehicles.

Check your email, texts, or pick up your phone!

When we have a study that you’re a match for, we’ll contact you (in your desired method) to be sure you fit the criteria. If you hate talking on the phone, don’t worry – our callers love to talk on the phone and will put you at ease. We’ll then give you the next steps if you qualify for the study.

Participate in the study.

You’re in! This is your time to give us your opinion via an online or mobile study, in-home interview, telephone interview, or in-person focus group.

Get paid for market research studies!

Immediately after you complete the study, we’ll compensate you with cash, check, or online gift-card to say thanks for participating. Have questions? Contact us!

It’s that easy. Sign up here.  

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