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“I hope to get called again!”

I was welcomed in by staff upon my arrival to participate in a focus group. After the warm welcome, the process of participation was thoroughly explained to me, and then I was offered snacks and drinks while I waited for the group to begin. The environment is comfortable and inviting, as are the staff members. The focus group itself was easy to participate in, and the evening was an enjoyable one. I hope to get called again!

– Sarah G.

“I feel like I’m part of something important.”

“The people at Elevated Insights are not only professional, they are enthusiastic and engaging. The process is fun and rewarding. I feel like I’m part of something important. All the folks at Elevated Insights are sincerely committed to helping create better products and services for us all.”

– Greg B.

“My opinion was valued.”

“I loved delving into a topic deeply that I took for granted, or didn’t think much about as I went about my daily life. It was interesting to hear so many perspectives and to feel like my opinion was valued, even if it was different from others. I feel much more educated on the subject now. I look forward to joining another focus group in the future!”

“…there are no right or wrong answers.”

I was expecting an empty building with a temporary set-up for the discussion I did. I was very pleasantly surprised by the well-established and eclectic design inside. The staff was also friendly and professional. I would recommend anyone to participate. Plus, they make you feel comfortable as there are no right or wrong answers. They seriously just want an honest opinion!

– Edlin S.

“Very fun to participate in focus groups and it pays well.”

– Jeremy O.


“Professional and courteous staff! I would recommend this organization to anyone interested in joining a panel or survey group.”

– Ashley R.


“I did a survey with this company last Thursday and was paid on Friday. It was fun and painless, all survey companies should strive to to be like this one. Elevated Insights is simply the best.”

– Rorey F.

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