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Elevated Insights Security Quality

Excellent Security Consultants

Elevated Insights retains top security consultants, Navakai, to ensure EI’s compliance to every-changing risk management protocol, scan our systems, and protect EI from threats.  Navakai remains one of the few technology companies to win the BBB’s prestigious Excellence in Customer Service Award…twice! Plus, we’ve always maintained an A+ rating with the BBB. They make lasting partnerships, and only accept clients that place high value on a reliable, secure, standardized IT infrastructure, and are willing to adopt IT Best Practices whenever possible. Elevated Insights is that kind of company. We work and interact with Navakai on a monthly basis. We are committed to security and have received feedback from our consultants that our IT is in the top 10% of commercial environments.

Protecting your data

Elevated Insights values protecting your information, and follows ISO27001 protocols. To guard your information, you can count on EI in the following ways:

  • Our computers/end-point devices are configured to minimize data leakage by blocking information to be physically taken from any computer via usb drive, CD or Sd card.
  • We take measures to prevent data leakage when on the move, such as eliminating split tunneling and enabling geolocation on company phones.
  • In terms of accessing the internet, we have a technical configuration in place to monitor all internet activity as to put a check on any malicious websites that could act as a channel for data leakage.
  • 24-hour data center monitoring alerts when data center is accessed
  • We have a completely separate guest network for when others visit our facility.

Leveraging encryption technologies

Elevated Insights sees the value in crypto technology and has made a company policy for its usage. We would like to highlight that:

  • We have disk encryption on all company computers which masks information from unauthorized parties.
  • We have several encryption-based protocols designed to monitor the health and connectivity of our network, including encrypted applications used to monitor and patch all company computers at all times.

Comprehensive Policies

We have a comprehensive set of policies that cover many aspects of securing our information. This covers issues including but not limited to: 3rd party supplier security, remote access tools, information sensitivity, audit vulnerability scanning, data stored on email and much more.

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