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We’re Here For You!

We’re Here For You!

While we can’t work closely together these days, we can stay connected with a little creativity! Elevated Insights is reaching out to our valued clients to update you on research solutions we offer to help meet your learning needs while staying safe during the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

We have put a hold on all in-person research

Unfortunately, all in-person research has been postponed or has migrated to online research solutions to comply with social distancing mandates.

We will continue to monitor updates from health officials regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and will only begin conducting in-person research again when it is deemed safe by officials. Even then, we will have precautions in place to ensure a clean and safe research environment.

Thinking Positively …

People are trying to connect more than ever right now and with nationwide quarantines and shelter-in-place orders in effect, our response rates and consumer engagement have increased.

It’s time to turn your research & development efforts online! Why Elevated Insights?

While many companies are adapting to offer online research methodologies, Elevated Insights has been a pioneer in online market research for over 15 years. 

We’ve spoken at conferences on methods to ensure quality and overcome challenges – such as how to recruit the right participants, design your study for maximum participation/engagement, and beat the cheaters across all methods.

We utilize many online qualitative, quantitative, and community platforms (realizing that they have different strengths and features for our clients), and direct each project to the best technology platform based on specific project objectives.

As a strategic insights agency, we not only offer but specialize in a variety of online marketing research solutions to meet your research needs, including:

As the current state of our country evolves, know that Elevated Insights will evolve as well. We are committed to helping our clients continue to conduct the top-notch research they expect from Elevated Insights while maintaining the health and safety of our employees, respondents, and clients. 

Our goal is for us all to stay safe while gathering needed insights so our clients can continue to meet their customer/consumer needs both during and after our country defeats this crisis.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] for a formal research proposal. We look forward to helping you achieve your research goals! Until then, we hope you continue to stay safe and healthy!

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