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What Types Of Team Bonding Have You Done With Your Company?

What types of team bonding have you done with your company?

Team bonding activities can yield enhanced camaraderie, team work and ultimately more effective collaboration on behalf of our clients. Every couple of months we make time for an ‘extra-curricular’ activity to bring our Elevated Insights’ team closer together. From co-ed softball (EI is the reigning champ J) to downtown Colorado Springs scavenger hunts, we like to spend this time getting to know each other better in a more casual setting.

And sometimes, these team bonding activities also help us with our immersion research – providing a deep dive that helps us know and understand whatever industry we’re currently working on.

For this month’s Team Bonding Activity we created an ‘Elevated Insights Mix-off.’ With the alcohol industry being one of our categories of expertise, we decided a drinks contest was the perfect bonding exercise. The mix-off was both a silly, fun way to immerse ourselves into this category, and also got our office in the mindset of mixologists and drinkers – both of which are target customers for our alcohol clients. While there are many characteristics that contribute to an appealing cocktail, our prior studies (as well as our own consumption experience!) have taught us that taste and presentation are often the deciding factors when consumers make drink selections. With this in mind, our judges focused on these two attributes.

1. Meet the Judges

Since the judges were unable to come to a decision on which drink excelled in both taste and presentation, they had two winners – one for ‘Best Presentation’ and one for ‘Best Taste.’

Erin was spotted getting coerced by Cailee before the competition began. We’d be a little more concerned if Cailee’s drink didn’t win a unanimous vote for ‘Best Taste.’

Robert and Nicole took their judging jobs very seriously. Their opinions could not be swayed, even though Robert’s wife and Nicole’s best friend were among the contenders.

2. Meet the Mixologists and their Cocktails

Christie combined fire and ice to put a new spin on an Old Fashioned, winning her ‘Best Presentation.’

Ellyn created a traditional and refreshing Mimosa with an orange slice for added visual and taste appeal.

Colton concocted a dangerous mix of ingredients to create his ‘Yellow Drank,’ a Colton original that goes down a little too easily.

Summer flew all the way from Alabama to compete with her strawberry-basil Moscow Mule.

Kaitlyn created delicious Strawberries & Cream Daiquiris that left you feeling, and wishing, you were laying on a sandy beach.

Cailee jumped the gun a little on the tasting portion of the mix-off; however, we can’t blame her because she won ‘Best Taste’ with her Peach Whiskey Sour.

Cailee Schade

Director of Qualitative Research
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Elevated_MRX

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