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When the market research tools don’t exist, we custom create the perfect tool to fit your needs.

Market Research Tools

New technology invites new ways to tap into what consumers think. Our market research team is committed to staying abreast of new research techniques so that clients can keep pace with the rapidly evolving market research industry, maximizing insights and their research budget. Elevated Insights is committed to understanding both macro trends and research evolution, utilizing new techniques when they best fit a business need, and innovating needed research approaches where they don’t currently exist.

At Elevated Insights, we take a very different approach with social media research. Instead of analyzing social media to learn about brands and companies, we use social media to immerse ourselves in the holistic life of your target consumer.

We dig deep into their lives to understand the missing pieces that aren’t typically covered by today’s highly directed research, such as:

  • What does your consumer do for fun?
  • What do they find funny and share with their friends?
  • What’s their favorite snack food, catch phrase, Friday night activity, etc.?
  • How about music – what do they love and what makes them cringe?
  • What do they care about right now?
  • How does your brand fit in? How can you be relevant in their life today?

SociaLinking® culminates with a SUBMERSION – a provocative presentation where you live the life of your consumer for a few hours: eat their favorite foods, engage in their Friday night fun, laugh at their most-shared videos, and take these insights to action, brainstorming possible links with future brand strategy.

The elevated reADtions® approach merges technologies, bringing you facial coding, emotional feedback, and rational reactions for qualitative input while stimulus is still in development phase.

  • The elevated reADtions® approach provides:
  • One-on-one reactions in respondents’ homes, avoiding group bias
  • Instant first reactions – understand your ad’s connection, pinpoint where emotions occur and what is being felt
  • Relative comparison of emotional delivery between ads and target groups
  • Rational feedback – lasting impressions – likes, dislikes, main idea, own-ability
  • Reduce ad or video length to optimize for best images, music, voice-over content
  • Geographically dispersed findings and specific by-frame recommendations within 5 days of fielding project.

We custom-recruit high quality respondents to your specifications and create a week of fun-filled activities for them, harnessing the wealth of insight and breadth of technology available in today’s social media tools.

The elevated reADtions® approach works well with animatics/rough cuts, fully developed ads, longer informational videos, and even 30-minute entertainment films.

Elevated Insights’ proprietary eCHATs® method provides instant insights from multiple geographies to qualitative questions or stimulus via a hybrid quant/qual approach. An excellent alternative when cost and speed are essential, eCHATs® combine the rich feedback of qual with a slightly more robust sample size. These chat-based sessions typically consist of about 25 target consumers and can last either 60 or 90 minutes.

EI carefully recruits the target respondents and requires them to sign-in to the secure chat session site at a prescheduled time. Like traditional focus groups, a discussion guide is developed ahead of time, stimulus is pulled together, and the groups are planned out, with specific amounts of time allocated to each topic. Clients can view the online sessions live, interacting with the moderator and team via the online backroom.


Gamify consumer insights, making them fun and competitive within your organization. Quizights® is a mobile application where you can create custom quizzes to gamify your organization’s insights, industry facts, acronyms, onboarding/training, and more.

  • Prove how well you know your research and industry
  • Use as an internal tool to assess corporate knowledge
  • Assess comprehension of trainings and presentations
  • See how far you can travel up the leaderboard!
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Custom Research Solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering strategic perspective with personal attention to each client partner. Qualitative, quantitative, hybrid, ethnography, online, mobile, in-person, recruiting, and moderating – we’re committed to crafting a custom approach to get you the insights you need.

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