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Gamify consumer insights, making them fun and competitive within your organization.

Create a custom quiz and test your co-workers, employees, or students’ knowledge by gamifying research, strategies, insights, and overall knowledge.

  • See how well you know your industry and business
  • Use as an internal tool to assess corporate, company, and knowledge
  • Test training and teaching comprehension in the classroom or within your company
  • Travel up your organization’s leaderboard

Why Quizights®?

Don’t let your research, training sessions, lessons, or insights be overlooked. Keep your findings relevant by gamifying the learning process and quiz users in a fun, interactive way!

It’s simple – create your multiple-choice trivia questions and send them our way! You can include images or text for the questions or answers.  We will create a custom quiz to fit your needs and engage your users with real time results.

Customize your quiz to fit the needs of your organization and brand:

  • Create and upload questions relevant to your company, industry, or courses
  • Customize your Quizights® skin to fit your brand – it will look like your organization’s tool
  • Choose from a selection of music, images, and sounds to create a unique experience for your users
  • All questions are stored in a secure offsite server in a locked/monitored room. You select the users who can see private information. Maintain a secure quiz with a variety of security options.

Have questions or want to use Quizights® in your organization?

Give us a call at 719.590.9999 or email [email protected]


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