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We combine a love of statistics with a deep desire to solve the puzzle.

EI finds the story in the quantitative research data.

Quantitative Research Techniques

Elevated Insights’ approach to quantitative research is completely custom. The survey audience, questionnaire format, response collection methods, analysis techniques and reporting format are all crafted based on the unique challenges and goals of our clients – no “cookie-cutter” approaches here! Here are some things that set us apart:

Data Quality – Data quality is a passion area for Elevated Insights, and the firm has given industry-wide presentations on best practices. We also wrote an eBook about it. When working with EI, you can trust that findings and recommendations will be informed by the highest quality quantitative research.

Hybrid Research – As a single-location full-service agency, EI analysts work alongside qualitative experts. This allows for a seamless transition from qualitative methods to quantitative testing, and hybrid reports that integrate multiple data sources.

Respondent Engagement – the surveys we create are incredibly visual and engaging, and we seek to incorporate gamification wherever possible. This results in honest, thoughtful feedback from respondents, which is the backbone of impactful insights.

A Consultative Approach – We won’t leave you with a “data dump” and the burden of deciding what to do. We provide data-driven key findings and actionable recommendations for how your business should move forward.

“Elevated Insights truly lifted our survey and analysis to new heights. They provided us meaningful and actionable information in a report that exceeded expectations. We were more impressed with their level of service and overall commitment. In one instance, they assisted one employee that needed accommodation, handing the matter with care and respect. We consider Elevated Insights to be a real partner.”

County Manager, Adams County, Colorado

“I know this is sorta meta, but here’s my feedback about this feedback survey: It was amazing! I loved the emojis and
memes. I loved the prompts. The time checks. The pacing of the survey. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience. Never
thought I’d say that about a market research survey.”

[Young Millennial quantitative study participant]

“Thanks for the super work! The Sr. Brand Director was glowing from the report. We will definitely work together again – such great stuff.”

Mike Quintana, Director of Strategy & Insights, FritoLay

While we craft the right design for any business issues at hand, frequent methods employed include customized:

  • Employee Satisfaction/Engagement Studies
  • Concept & Positioning Tests
  • Shopper Satisfaction/Experience
  • Key Driver Analysis
  • Real Estate Development Needs Assessment
  • Discrete Choice Modeling, MaxDiff and Conjoint
  • Opinion and Sentiment Tracking

Recent Project Examples:

Elevated Insights helped an apartment developer gauge local area resident preferences on interior design and amenities prior to construction. This ensured the apartments were appealing to potential tenants in the area.

EI partnered with a large snack company to understand the emotional connection that consumers have to a potential new tagline for the brand, both unaided and aided. We dove into understanding the relative appeal and fit of different conceptual executions of the possible emotional benefit.

A restaurant chain wanted to understand which specific aspects increase the likelihood that visitors will return to the restaurant or recommend it to a friend. EI used stated importance, derived importance and restaurant performance to create quadrant analyses that highlighted areas of focus/improvement.

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