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We work directly with the end client, as well as with advertising agencies, branding firms and other consultancies.

Our clients span diverse industries – apparel, food & beverage, beauty and personal care, restaurants, retail, health & wellness, spirits/alcoholic beverages, cannabis, financial services, and more. We also work with government agencies, non-profit organizations, political groups, and the military.

Our clients range in location and size – from Colorado start-ups to international Fortune 500 companies.

“Elevated Insights truly lifted our survey and analysis to new heights.  They provided us meaningful and actionable information in a report that exceeded expectations.  We were most impressed with their level of service and overall commitment.   In one instance, they assisted one employee that needed accommodations, handling the matter with care and respect.  We consider Elevated Insights to be a real partner.”

Raymond H. Gonzales, County Manager, Adams County, Colorado

Not only did we greatly enjoy working with the Elevated Insights team, their research on older adults and caregivers in the region is unmatched.  The wealth of knowledge they produced is extremely valuable in our work to make Colorado Springs more Age Friendly.  We would encourage you to consider Elevated Insights, as they went above and beyond our expectations to ensure that we could best meet the needs of the older adult community.

Claire Anderson, MPA; Executive Director, Innovations in Aging Collaborative

“The EI team was the epitome of highly skilled, client responsive, and professional on every level.  This is the team you want working with you and for you to reach your research goals.

EI is a prodigious asset to our community and it is invaluable to have their expertise in our backyard.  They are a nationally recognized research company who also knows our community and supports our local projects.”

Pikes Peak Community College, Workforce Development

“EI provided some great findings that are not only going to effectively serve against our primary objectives but also inform the broader portfolio agenda for us in the years to come.”

Senior Director of Marketing at PepsiCo

“E.I. demonstrates true partnership for all aspects of research projects including superior study design, cutting edge data collection techniques, and impactful analyses and recommendations. They are always in my consideration set when I have a need to conduct strategic research, and I have called on their services at each organization where I have worked.”

Toni Carpenter, Director of Consumer Insights at Brinker

“The AskCOS 2017 report gave me concrete data and resources that I could use to help make marketing decisions for my clients. It’s so valuable to have market-specific data to help support my efforts.”

Karole Campbell, Owner of Madwoman Marketing Strategies

“The information contained in AskCOS is spectacular! It’s wonderful to finally have data pertaining specifically to our community and alleviates the need to haphazardly attempt to extrapolate correlations to regional data. Thank you Elevated Insights – I look forward to seeing more!”

Trevin Wecks, VP/GM of Lamar Advertising

“The recruited participants were amazing! They were so engaged and their perspectives invaluable. Thank you for connecting us with such great individuals. Additionally, the activities brought the team so much value.

Our collaborative relationship with EI is immensely valued, as is your expertise, professionalism, and support. The ongoing communications you provided us regarding the activity design and recruitment statuses were excellent.”

Sr. Digital Product Manager

“I have been in and out of countless facilities over the years, and none of them compare to what you have here at Elevated Insights. From the building, to the staff, to the quality of respondents. Elevated Insights stands above the rest. Thank you!”

Ines Poza

“Elevated Insights has inspired numerous project teams at (Fortune 500 Company) with their extensive ethnographic work on Millennials’ and Generation Z’s use of mobile technologies.”

Director of Research

“It has been our sincere pleasure to have worked with Elevated Insights in several capacities over the past eight years. They have a professional energy that is not only inspiring, but is contagious to everyone they come in contact with.”

Jim Wyss, President at Integrity Bank & Trust

“The recruited members who participated were amazing! They were so engaged and their perspectives invaluable. Thank you for connecting us with such great individuals. Additionally, the UCD activities brought the team so much value. Members really gave each activity their all, and asked very interesting questions. The discussions had a depth and richness that only face-to-face interaction could spur.”

Fortune 500 Client

“Elevated Insights’ consulting provided us with a framework and methodology for conducting consumer testing of our products. As project lead, Anne Brown also educated us more broadly on the science that large branding companies use in evaluating consumers’ experience of their CPGs. While we have not yet executed a large scale consumer survey, we have conducted a number of less formal friends and family sessions using Elevated Insights’ methodology. Based on consumer reactions, we determined that our product prototypes did not meet market expectations, causing us to shift product development from an internal team to an established organization with expertise.  We believe this decision – driven by consumer insights – will be foundational to our future success.”

Chief Operating Officer

“We are very thankful for Elevated Insights pioneering work on understanding panhandling in Colorado Springs. Because of their insights we’re better informed on how to help hurting neighbors find better housing, health, and employment. I can’t recommend them enough and can’t wait to work with them again. They’re smart and they really care.”

Travis Williams, Chief Development Officer at Springs Rescue Mission

“I was thoroughly impressed with the team at Elevated Insights – they took the time to understand our issue and what we hoped to learn from a focus group. Their attention to detail, understanding of the nuances of language, and suggestions on how to get the most out of our time with the focus groups made a huge difference.”

Jane Ard-Smith, Political Consultant

We worked with Elevated Insights to study the needs and awareness of services in Colorado Springs for older adults and caregivers.  As a small local nonprofit, we valued the breadth of knowledge and expertise Elevated Insights brought to our project.  The team did a great job communicating with us to best understand our vision for the research, and they actively communicated with us throughout the project.

Claire Anderson, MPA; Executive Director, Innovations in Aging Collaborative

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